Pro poker player Pius Heinz

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Pius Heinz is a professional poker player from Germany. In 2011, Heinz won the Poker World Championship. The German, nicknamed MastaP89, has lived in Vienna since 2011. Pius is one of the most famous professional players in Germany, not because of WSOP’s main event win.

His Life
Born in Odendorf (this suburb), Heinz attended Rhinebach City High School and graduated from high school in 2008. He then studied economic psychology at Prestnius University in Cologne. Fios, however, has suspended his studies since 2011 to focus on his poker career. He first started his poker attempt at the age of 18, but he only ran it as a hobby. In 2011, he participated in Las Vegas on November 9, and has since been a professional poker player. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Pius Hinz was also a player for the PokersStars team.

Success Story
Heinz recorded his first success in online poker. There, he could sometimes win several tournaments and decided to take part in more live poker tournaments in 2011. In the summer of 2011, Pius Heinz advanced to the finals at the main event of the World Series poker. He had to coach with Johannes Strasman, a German professional poker player, to make optimal preparations for the tournament. The last table started on the 6th. In November 2011, we made it to the very interesting final. As the chip leads continued to change, a longer head-up phase came. Three days, nine days. In November, Heinz won against Chechen Martin Stasco.

As the winner of the event, the German received a bracelet and about $8.7 million in prize money. Also, with the victory, Heinz was able to make history. This is because he is the first German to win the World Series poker main event. In the same year, Pius Heinz advanced to the finals at the WSOP event and finished seventh. He also won the EPT’s side event in Barcelona. In addition, Pius Heinz sat at a table of 23 people. TV Total PokersStars. At night, we were able to make a profit there.

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